Oksana Sokolovsky

Founder & CEO


Oksana Sokolovsky, a 3x Founder of Tech products, is currently a Founder and a CEO of ROAR Augmented Reality, a revolutionary AR platform for Brands and Retailers, highlighted as Top 10 AR apps by Obero. ROAR Augmented reality is a SaaS technology that enables Brands and Retailers to quickly create and deploy AR content at scale, inexpensively and without dependency on tech skills. The technology serves brands, retailers and consumers and democratizes AR content creation while enabling brands and retailers to gain important insights into consumer behavior

Under Oksana’s leadership, ROAR AR has grown from a concept to a scalable platform which enables creation of digital immersive content and AR solutions which in turn drive higher revenue for Brands and Retailers and simultaneously increasing customer loyalty and brand engagement. The company’s hyper-growth has been accelerating, with 50,000+ users on the platform creating content on the platform.

Prior to starting ROAR Augmented Reality, Oksana co-founded, led, scaled and achieved early stage exit for high tech ML data start up. Oksana is an ex Wall Street senior executive turned entrepreneur, previously having held number of senior technology roles in JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Deutsche Bank as well as United Health Care, Instinet, and Barnes and Nobles.com. Oksana is also an industry thought leader, with published articles in many leading publications, including Forbes.