Nina Shariati

Sustainability Strategist & Advisor

Circular Transparency

Nina Shariati has over 17 years of working experience from the fashion and retail industry. During her years she has had senior global positions within buying, manufacturing, and sustainability and has lived in Bangladesh, China, Sweden, and South Korea. Her areas of expertise are within Transparency,  Circular Economy, Global Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Innovation connected to these areas. She is a Global Textile Trade Expert at UN/CEFACT United Nations. Throughout her career, she has managed to identify new strategic areas in the field of sustainability and bringing them to scale. Her recent contribution was the transparency layer on all H&M's own products. On H& you can now see where a garment was produced down to the factory and the address of the factory. She is currently working at the intersection of fashion, sustainability, and tech where she is bringing new innovative ideas to scale. Follow her on Instagram transparent_i_nina_shariati.