Nicole Johnson


Forerunner Ventures

As a partner at Forerunner Ventures, which invests in consumer-first companies like Warby Parker, Dollar Shave Club and Chime, Nicole Johnson has shown a keen eye for identifying consumer trends since starting as an analyst at the firm in 2013.

She pays close attention to trailblazing entrepreneurs with unbridled passion for the companies and products they’re building, and her investments include companies that spot opportunities for reshaping the consumer experience. Among her portfolio are Stadium Goods (acquired by Farfetch), Calibrate, Neighborhood Goods, Nécessaire, Prose, Thingtesting, Dutch and DUOS, and others.

Nicole has helped Forerunner grow into an established firm with dozens of significant investments in consumer and commerce businesses, with multiple exits. She is instrumental in sourcing, diligence, and implementing investment execution, which has led to strong relationships across the portfolio. Her colleagues and the founders she works with rely on her for guidance, consumer knowledge and a knack for understanding market opportunity.

Prior to Forerunner, Nicole worked with SapientNitro, a leading brand and digital strategy consultancy where she supported Fortune 500 retailers on their global retail strategies. Nicole graduated cum laude from Princeton University and was named Forbes 30 under 30, Venture Capital in 2016.