Merel Petri

VP of Communications

Iris Nova (DIRTY LEMON, The Drug Store)

Merel is the Senior Director of Communications for Iris Nova and is responsible for amplifying the company story and crafting all messaging for the parent company as well as portfolio brands across all industry and consumer platforms. Merel develops and implements the strategies that build the company image, raise awareness and drive demand through multi-channel PR, marketing, social media and content. Prior to joining Iris Nova, Merel spent her career in the luxury fashion industry, in both editorial and communications roles. Merel began her career working on the editorial team at Modern Luxury where she refined her ability to communicate aspiration through powerful imagery and later transitioned to public relations where she elevated the identity of luxury brands, most notably Christian Louboutin, across global markets to drive brand prestige. She has a history of executing on innovative plans to drive relevancy to amplify exposure in a digital environment. Merel is trained in a cross-functional combination of design and business, receiving her Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design and Business from Indiana University.