Melodie van der Baan

Co-Founder & CEO


Melodie van der Baan is a south Florida native passionate about fashion and technology. Her past decade in the fashion industry gained her knowledge of both wholesale and retail. At age twenty-two, van der Baan trail-blazed the concept of a “Mobile-Showroom,” earning her company multiple features in Fast Company Magazine and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter campaigns. The young entrepreneur  strategically placed her represented brands into specialty stores throughout the U.S. Her dynamic ability to build key relationships through communication and customer service is evident in the close friendships she still holds with retailers nationwide. It was within her first company that she began facilitating retailer-to-retailer merchandise exchanges to turn non-performing inventory and improve their sell-throughs.

Wanting to get “off the road,” van der Baan took her natural business acumen in the direction of retail and opened a specialty store in 2012. Melodie continued to develop and deepen relationships, this time with vendors, employees and end-consumers.The success of the business resulted in an expansion in 2015, which resulted in a 40% sales increase the following year. Out to constantly create and implement strategies for improving sales and operational efficiency, the concept of retailer-to-retailer transactions haunted her once again. 

Melodie took all that she'd learned, joined up with equally as passionate co-founder Morgan Bodstrom, and launched SwapRetail in 2017. The company works with wholesale brands focused on specialty store accounts.  Retailers utilize SwapRetail's B2B platform to safely and anonymously exchange merchandise with each other in order to turn inventory faster. Melodie's passion for data is visible in the performance reports SwapRetail provides, giving brands the knowledge as to how their product actually sold, or didn't sell, across their independent retailers, nationwide.  The company also offers it's services to brands with storefronts in order to facilitate merchandise exchanges with ease. When she's not helping brands and retailers, you can find Melodie enjoying time with her husband, Jan and children, Maris and Jet.