Megan Torres

Head of Operations

Benchmade Modern

Megan Torres joined BenchMade Modern, custom online furniture manufacturer, in early 2016 in the midst of the company’s crazy hectic start-up days. With a natural ability to lead and an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset she quickly developed systems to manage and oversee the company’s factory production, customer satisfaction, and general operations on extremely tight deadlines. Megan’s quick-thinking, wit, and ability to solve any challenge quickly made her a vital asset to the company.

Currently in her role as Head of Operations, Megan oversees and coordinates BenchMade’s staff, contractors, and production on a daily basis. In addition to operations, Megan applies her deep understanding of the brand and its customer’s needs to develop marketing strategies and creative for the ever evolving BMM brand. Her smarts and experience are backed by a scrappy, roll-up-your-sleeves type work ethic which has helped the company successfully navigate all the challenges from start-up to acquisition.

In addition to BenchMade Modern, Megan is the Chief Coaster Officer and owner of Coastermatic, an online company that creates designer and custom photo drink coasters.