Marita Abraham

Chief Marketing Officer


Marita Abraham is the Chief Marketing Officer of Zilingo and is one of the founding team members of the company. In her role, she leads the growth and retention strategy across Zilingo’s businesses, both B2C & B2B. 

Marita lives and breathes Zilingo and adopts a “get things done” approach to life; constantly thinking about what’s next for the company and strategizing on growth and brand across Zilingo’s businesses. She is also an advocate of young leadership and makes it a point to mentor teams and new leaders as a part of her day-to-day. Marita hopes to see Zilingo evolve into a single, all-encompassing platform for retail, touching customers and businesses globally across the entire supply chain.

A well-known fact about her: she loves food and cocktails (read: bar hopping). Lesser known fact: she writes poetry and travelogues in her free time. 

Before Zilingo, Marita worked at Zomato, building up her expertise in sales and marketing in various managerial roles. She has experience managing a diverse portfolio across marketing, PR, branding, content production, analytics, and more. Marita holds a B.A. Honours in Economics from St. Stephen’s College.