Shoptalk’s speakers are industry leaders and innovators from a broad cross-section of companies. Ranging from established retailers and brands to innovative new startups and prolific investors, over half of Shoptalk speakers are CEOs or founders.

The Shoptalk team is excited to announce that Shoptalk 2020 will feature an all-women speaker lineup. We believe this groundbreaking move is necessary to propel our industry forward and showcase the many incredibly talented women who are working to transform retail from all angles.

Beginning in 2021, Shoptalk will feature 50/50 male and female speakers every year. Read more HERE.

257 Speakers

confirmed as of 01/29/2020

Ying Zheng, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Ying Zheng Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer AiFi
Lynn Girotto, Chief Marketing Officer
Lynn Girotto Chief Marketing Officer Amperity
Lauren Snyder, VP of Customer Success
Lauren Snyder VP of Customer Success AnyRoad
Brooke Burdge, VP of Marketing
Brooke Burdge VP of Marketing Attentive
Melissa Drayer, VP Client Success
Melissa Drayer VP Client Success Backbone PLM
Sherene Hilal VP Product Marketing & Business Operations BlueCore
Judy Chan Head of Marketing Bluedot
Smitha Mortis, General Counsel
Smitha Mortis General Counsel Branch
Teresa Aprile, Co-Founder & CEO
Teresa Aprile Co-Founder & CEO Brandcrush
Christina Hoffmann, Founder & CEO
Christina Hoffmann Founder & CEO Brandmind
Ashley Goode VP Brand Solutions Bumped
Nicole Silver, VP, Marketing
Nicole Silver VP, Marketing Button
Claire Chen, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Claire Chen Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Clobotics
Liesl Chang Co-Founder & CEO Cricket
Daphne Carmeli, Founder & CEO
Daphne Carmeli Founder & CEO Deliv
Liat Zakay, Founder & CEO
Liat Zakay Founder & CEO Donde Search
Fabienne Le Tadic, GM, Europe
Fabienne Le Tadic GM, Europe EVRYTHNG
Dara Riordan, Chief Revenue Officer & EVP of Sales
Dara Riordan Chief Revenue Officer & EVP of Sales FaceFirst
Lauren Cooks Levitan, Chief Financial Officer
Lauren Cooks Levitan Chief Financial Officer Faire
Rathna Sharad Founder & CEO FlavorCloud
Megan Evert, SVP of Operations
Megan Evert SVP of Operations FLEXE
Stacey Ferreira, Co-Founder & CEO
Stacey Ferreira Co-Founder & CEO Forge
Nicole Amsler, VP, Marketing
Nicole Amsler VP, Marketing Formation
Kimberly McKellar, Head of Customer Success
Kimberly McKellar Head of Customer Success Gladly
Cami Zimmer Chief Business Officer & EVP Marketing Glympse
Caitlin Roberson VP Marketing Happy Returns
Allison Lee, Co-Founder & CEO
Allison Lee Co-Founder & CEO Hemster
Camila Alvarez, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Camila Alvarez Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer Impresee
Kristen Moore, Chief Marketing Officer
Kristen Moore Chief Marketing Officer inVia Robotics
Cooper Harris, Co-Founder & CEO
Cooper Harris Co-Founder & CEO Klickly
Shilpi Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO
Shilpi Sharma Co-Founder & CEO Kvantum
Hagar Rips, Co-Founder & CEO
Hagar Rips Co-Founder & CEO Ladingo
Purva Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO
Purva Gupta Co-Founder & CEO Lily AI
Olga Kotsur, Founder & CEO
Olga Kotsur Founder & CEO Mercaux
Tanvi Bhardwaj Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer MishiPay
Jane Cannon, Chief Product Officer
Jane Cannon Chief Product Officer NewStore
Lidia Yan, Co-Founder & CEO
Lidia Yan Co-Founder & CEO NEXT Trucking
Blanca Lanaspa, VP Product
Blanca Lanaspa VP Product Nextail
Charu Thomas Founder Oculogx
Namrata "Nam" Hingorani, Head of Sales
Namrata "Nam" Hingorani Head of Sales Ohi
Pinar Kaprali, Co-Founder & Head of Product Management
Pinar Kaprali Co-Founder & Head of Product Management Pensa Systems
Nadia Masri, Founder & CEO
Nadia Masri Founder & CEO Perksy
Kat Dessenon, VP, Campaign Management
Kat Dessenon VP, Campaign Management Persado
Saira Ishfaq, Digital Experience Leader
Saira Ishfaq Digital Experience Leader Personify XP
Victoria Peppiatt, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Victoria Peppiatt Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer Phrasee
Laura Siegel, Head of Business Development, North America
Laura Siegel Head of Business Development, North America Preciate
Nadja Wank Head of Marketing rapitag
Louisa Freeman, Head of Business Development
Louisa Freeman Head of Business Development Returnity Innovations
Yi Zhang, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Yi Zhang Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer Rul.ai
Amanda Watts Founder Sheau
Chelsie Lee CEO Shipsi
Savanah White, Head of Partners Success
Savanah White Head of Partners Success ShoppingGives
Ejieme Eromosele, VP, Customer Success
Ejieme Eromosele VP, Customer Success Snaps
Lisa Donnelly, VP Marketing
Lisa Donnelly VP Marketing Soft Robotics
Suuchi Ramesh, Founder & CEO
Suuchi Ramesh Founder & CEO Suuchi
Melodie van der Baan, Co-Founder & CEO
Melodie van der Baan Co-Founder & CEO SwapRetail
Lihi Pinto Fryman, Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer
Lihi Pinto Fryman Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer Syte
Laura Scott, Chief Operating Officer
Laura Scott Chief Operating Officer Takeoff Technologies
Katerina Axelsson, Founder & CEO
Katerina Axelsson Founder & CEO Tastry
Marci Weisler, Chief Commercial Officer
Marci Weisler Chief Commercial Officer Vengo
Cheryl Guzman Ng, Global Head of Marketing
Cheryl Guzman Ng Global Head of Marketing ViSenze
Ashwini Asokan, Founder & CEO
Ashwini Asokan Founder & CEO Vue.ai (A Mad Street Den Brand)
Sophie Howe, Founder & CEO
Sophie Howe Founder & CEO Xesto
Alden Miles VP of Product Management Yerdle
Sarah Assous, Chief Marketing Officer
Sarah Assous Chief Marketing Officer Zoovu
Amber Atherton, Founder & CEO
Amber Atherton Founder & CEO Zyper