Leslie Voorhees Means

Co-Founder & CEO

Leslie Voorhees Means is the Co-Founder and CEO of Anomalie, the first direct-to-consumer wedding dress company that utilizes forward-thinking technology to create custom, one-of-a-kind dresses for brides. 
Leslie started Anomalie out of her own frustrating experience as a bride. Fed up with the traditional bridal industry’s lack of accessibility, limited inventory, designs, sizes, high markups and few customization abilities, Leslie took the wedding dress search into her own hands. A mechanical engineer (and the youngest supply chain manager in Nike’s history), Leslie used her manufacturing expertise to make her gown directly with the world’s top workshops and quickly began receiving requests from friends to make their gowns. Three years later, Anomalie is pioneering a new model in retail supply chains uniquely fit for customization at scale while also solving all pain points for brides that the traditional bridalwear industry can’t.
Prior to founding Anomalie, Leslie managed international manufacturing engineering and supply chain operations at Nike and at Apple, launching the Apple Watch 2. Leslie received a B.S.E in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University, and her MBA from Harvard Business School.