Heather Bergstein

Head of Ecommerce

Remy Cointreau

Heather Bergstein currently leads e-commerce strategy and initiatives for Remy Cointreau USA. She is focused on driving the e-commerce business across LOUIS XIII, Remy Martin and the RC portfolio through strategic partnerships, pureplayer and retailer.com channels and new business development. After receiving her MBA from Fordham in 2003, Heather has held a variety of Marketing and Digital Marketing roles in the Beauty, Luxury and Fashion industries, supporting marketing teams through strategic advisement in leveraging digital strategy to build businesses. She is an Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Fordham Gabelli School of Business in New York, serves on the Advisory Board of Lapine Associates, a consumer engagement agency and holds a philanthropic board position with DMF Youth, a NYC non-profit serving at-risk, underserved youth. An industry expert, Heather is an Editorial Board member for the Journal of Brand Strategy and is a frequent industry speaker and published author on topics including pricing and e-commerce in the wine and spirits industry. Of note, she is a diehard Knicks fan…a tough gig the last several years!