Francine Gierak


Bain & Company

Francine Gierak is an expert in omnichannel, digital/tech operating model redesign, customer segmentation, marketing, and growth strategies.  With more than a decade of consulting experience, she advises U.S.-based and international Fortune 500 retailers and footwear/apparel brands on reorganizing for a digital world.  Recently, she worked with a leading retailer to redesign its commercial operating model and advised another retail brand on designing and implementing a digital operating model.  Francine has also helped digital natives and mar/ad tech players fine tune their customer value proposition for growth.  This includes leading a digital advertising strategy for an e-commerce company, a customer value strategy for an online ad company, and several diligences for ad/martech technology firms.

Francine is the author of two perspectives on marketing strategy, one of which was published in Harvard Business Review.  

Outside of her direct client work, she is a leader within Women at Bain (WAB), which fosters and promotes global initiatives to make Bain & Company the best place for female talent. She also leads the firm’s diversity and inclusion efforts in the Bay Area.

Francine joined Bain & Company’s Amsterdam office in 2009.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard College.