Debbie Fortnum

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Macondo Vision

Debbie is the co-founder and COO of Macondo Vision, a company focused on transforming human workforce performance using computer vision and artificial intelligence.  With the insights gained from the Macondo platform, distribution and fulfillment operations can improve labor productivity, operational throughput, associate engagement and customer satisfaction.

Debbie is an operations and technology executive with over 25 years’ experience managing global supply chains, operations, and M&A across a variety of companies including RJR Nabisco, Belk Department Store, The Finish Line, and Global Brands Group.  In driving automation across all aspects of operations, her solutions have helped direct to consumer businesses rapidly scale to meet explosive growth.  Having led many transformational initiatives, Debbie understands that optimizing operations and delivering a great customer experience are driven first from the efforts of an engaged workforce. It is the intersection of that engaged workforce and technological innovation that becomes the game changer.