Blanca Lanaspa

VP Product


Blanca is the VP of Product at Nextail - a smart platform for fashion merchandising that uses AI and advanced analytics to predict localized demand and to automate core merchandising decisions. In her role, Blanca sets the direction, portfolio, and creation of great products that amaze customers and make the team proud. 

Prior to this role, Blanca was Senior Delivery Lead at Think Big Analytics (Teradata), and Project Manager, later Head of Data Science and Governance, at Novozymes, a global biotech company located near Copenhagen, Denmark. In her later role at Novozymes, she built an ambitious Data Science and Data Governance department within the company’s R&D division.

Blanca holds two MSc in Computer Systems Engineering, from Danmarks Tekniske Universitet and the University of Zaragoza. She currently resides in Madrid, Spain.