Ashwini Asokan

Founder & CEO (A Mad Street Den Brand)

Ashwini Asokan is the CEO & Co-Founder of Mad Street Den, a Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence company. At Mad Street Den, Ashwini and her team of 175+, give the power of sight and learning to machines, teaching them to see and experience the world like we humans do. Working across US, India, LatAm, EU and Japan, her team has been known to build some of the most cutting edge AI tech and products. 

In 2016, the company launched its first vertical - an AI based Intelligent Retail Automation solution that is redefining the future of retail, online, across social channels and in-store. Ashwini returned to India from Silicon Valley after more than a decade, to bootstrap her startup which she founded with her husband, Anand Chandrasekaran, a neuroscientist. As a product leader working at the intersection of socio-cultural and technological systems, she has been exploring how Artificial Intelligence can be brought out of the Science and Tech labs of the world, applied meaningfully and made accessible to billions of people across the globe. Prior to starting her own company, she led the Mobile Innovation Portfolio as part of Intel Labs in California, driving research and development of AI & mobile products.