Apply to Speak

Shoptalk 2020 features three distinct speaking opportunities, which—unlike in prior years—consist primarily of presentations rather than panel discussions or interviews. Please select the most appropriate one for you:

Standard Track Content, Workshops, Research

These sessions feature over 100 speakers from established organizations, leading-edge startups, influential media and the investment community. The agenda will showcase the most important technologies, research, trends and business models and include an unparalleled group of U.S. and international speakers. Most speakers selected will be from established and startup brands and retailers.

Emerging Technology Spotlight

Technology solution providers should apply for Shoptalk 2020’s Emerging Technology Spotlight, featuring 100 different emerging technologies. Each company will have 4 minutes to present their solution and the challenge it solves.

Tactics & Takeaways: Classroom Sessions

Classroom Sessions provide detailed case studies and hands-on learning on a range of topics. These sessions consist of 20-minute classes taught by instructors from brands, retailers, agencies, consulting firms and more.