Shoptalk 2021 will feature an all-women speaker lineup highlighting hundreds of leaders from established organizations, leading-edge startups, influential media and the investment community. We believe this groundbreaking move is necessary to propel our industry forward and showcase the many incredibly talented women who are working to transform retail from all angles. Beginning in 2022, Shoptalk will feature 50/50 male and female speakers every year.

We firmly believe that COVID-19 and racial equity are critical and urgent issues for every individual and company in the retail community to address--we are therefore taking the time to design our 2021 agenda to ensure that Shoptalk is, as always, leading the industry through this period of vital transformation and being a positive force for change.

We will be announcing a new Shoptalk 2021 agenda in September and will start to confirm speakers at that point.

Please note a few guidelines before completing the form to apply to speak at Shoptalk 2021:

  • Shoptalk 2021 will feature all female speakers just as we had planned for 2020. To read more about this decision, click here.
  • We welcome applications from female employees at retailers and brands as well as from solution providers. We do not, however, pair solution providers and their clients on stage together.
  • Speakers from venture-backed companies—both consumer-facing and tech—must be the company’s most senior-level female leader with very few exceptions (e.g., the company is post-IPO).
  • Applicants who are selected to speak at Shoptalk will have their tickets to the full event comped, but do not receive any guest passes. We do not cover speaker T&E.
  • Due to the sheer number of speaker applications, we cannot schedule briefing calls or respond to requests via social media.
  • There are no pay-to-play speaking opportunities.

Applicants will receive a response from us indicating whether the submission was accepted or declined beginning in September.

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