Apeksha Kumavat

Co-Founder & Chief Engineer


Apeksha is the Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Gatik, a Palo Alto based start-up developing autonomous vehicles for B2B short-haul logistics. Its operations help customers meet consumer demand for real-time goods, increase road safety and meet an unprecedented expectation for contactless delivery.

Prior to this, Apeksha was the Perception Lead at Ford Motor Company's self-driving car unit where she designed effective and efficient feature detection methods to assist with online localization and developed perception algorithms for autonomous vehicles. She has also held the position of Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Otsaw Digital where she designed and developed state-of-the-art deep learning networks for autonomous navigation of the O-R3 patrolling robot in non-static outdoor environments. 

Apeksha earned her M.S. (with a focus on Machine/Deep Learning) from Purdue University and has contributed towards research in areas including machine learning, cognitive science, and robotics.