“The Industry’s Best Faculty!”

Fokke de Jong, Founder & CEO

Fokke de Jong

Founder & CEO, Suitsupply

Born . and raised in Amsterdam, De Jong was 27 years old when he fell in love with the fashion business and started organizing tailoring parties at his university campus and offices. While still attending law school, de Jong started selling suits from the trunk of his car, eventually deciding the quit school just months shy of graduation to pursue his business in the world of tailoring fulltime. 

Since founding his company in 2000, De Jong has continued to take on a prominent role within the company. As the CEO, he determines the company's strategy, global development, creates innovative (and sometimes provacative) marketing campaigns, and has led Suitsupply to a rapid e-commerce expansion.

The manner in which De Jong leads Suitsupply is the quintessence of Dutch entrepreneurship -- untraditional thinking, creative leadership, and prioneer spirit. The company os expanding globally with stores in Europe, USA and China. 

"Creating the best fit without fitting in," is De Jong's daily mantra.