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Alex Vratskides, Co-Founder & CEO

Alex Vratskides

Co-Founder & CEO, Persado

Alex is CEO & founder of Persado. Persado uses AI to generate language that resonates the most with audience, segment or individual. With over 200 customers, most of them marketing departments of Fortune 2000 companies, Persado is creating a new NLP based, martech category; data-driven creativity & choice of words.  Previously, Alex co-founded Upstream, a mobile marketing company in 2001 and served as the company’s CEO. The company grew to become a global leader in mobile marketing, with mobile operator clients in more than 40 countries. Upstream’s majority was acquired by Act.is of London (private equity) in 2014. Alex is an active angel investor with a focus in the area of enterprise SaaS and B2B applications.  Alex is the holder of two international patents. He holds a BS in Applied Mathematics from Columbia University and a M.Eng. in Operations Research from Cornell.