How We’re Helping Create The Future of Retail

True to our roots as tech entrepreneurs and industry operators, we maintain a relentless focus on developing the absolute best products imaginable, which we define as events that inspire and empower retail’s changemakers. We believe the best products result when you "do the right thing." For us, that means:

  1. Helping create and maintain a modern retail dialogue. The evolution of how consumers discover, shop and buy in an increasingly digital age is our uncompromised standard in shaping the narrative. There's no favoritism, pay-to-play or alternative agenda—we’re 100% independent.
  2. Helping build retail’s definitive digital community that includes all stakeholders and welcomes new entrants. That means overcoming traditional silos, old boys’ clubs and outdated cliques, and replacing them with a fresh and engaged ecosystem of changemakers.
  3. Playing fairly and transparently by putting the retail industry first, and serving as a catalyst for its growth and development. That means working with others throughout the industry, including those that operate other events, for the greater good.