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New for 2020, Shoptalk will feature Shoptalk Original Content, which includes a wide range of research, data, frameworks, case studies, benchmarking reports and visual guides developed entirely in-house by the Shoptalk team. Shoptalk Original Content covers an extensive lineup of topics which will be highlighted on stage during agenda sessions and off stage through engaging activations and experiences.

Complete the application below if you’re interested in having your firm’s research, data, technology or executive perspectives featured in Shoptalk Original Content. Within the next few months, applicants will receive a response from us indicating whether the submission was accepted or declined.

Please note this application is separate from “Apply to Speak”. Any accepted Original Research data or executive input is not a speaking role and does not include a complimentary event ticket. If you would like to apply to speak at Shoptalk, complete this separate form.

Shoptalk Original Content was created with the sole purpose of providing data and insights to the Shoptalk audience in a unique and engaging way. It is in no way tied to sponsorship--all placement is earned and there is no pay-to-play. The Shoptalk team will maintain full editorial control and ownership over Shoptalk Original Content to ensure it is educational and not promotional.

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