Extending Our Lineup of All-New Shoptalk Offerings in 2020

Oct 21, 2019 by Zia Daniell Wigder

A few months ago we announced the launch of Shoptalk Original Content and Entirely New Agenda formats for 2020—we’re now expanding our agenda even further with all-new content. Below we highlight two new tracks we’ll be introducing for the first time in 2020.

Expanding the Emerging Technology Spotlight to Include 100 Tech Companies

In 2020, Shoptalk will have an entirely new agenda track called Emerging Technology Spotlight. This track will feature a curated group of 100 technology companies with groundbreaking technologies that are transforming retail. Ranging from robotics to AI and the in-store experience, we’ll highlight some of the most exciting and revolutionary technology innovators in the industry.

The 100 companies on the Emerging Technology Spotlight will describe their solutions to industry challenges in a series of rapid-fire, four-minute presentations across two and a half days of Shoptalk. Day one will highlight seed-stage tech startups at the very forefront of retail innovation; days two and three will feature later-stage startups and larger tech companies that are already working with a wide range of brands and retailers. 

Attendees who are looking to understand the technologies poised to reshape retail customer experiences and operations should be sure to listen to the 100+ world-class speakers on this new track.

Focusing on Tactics and Takeaways in New Classroom Sessions 

For 2020, we are also adding a new track called Tactics & Takeaways: Classroom Sessions. This track is specifically focused on practical, tactical learnings attendees can take back to their companies and put to use. Divided into 20-minute individual sessions, the track will provide detailed case studies, insights and advice on a range of topics. 

Classroom sessions will be taught by instructors from brands, retailers, agencies, consulting firms and more. The Shoptalk team will work hand-in-hand with our instructors to craft the lessons and the content.

Classroom sessions will cover a wide range of business topics ranging from marketing to  analytics and operations, including areas such as:

  • The Changing Success Metrics of Physical Stores
  • Running a Vendor Selection Process
  • Evaluating Candidates and Hiring Successfully
  • Succeeding at Cross-Border Ecommerce

Summarizing Other New Content at Shoptalk

Finally, our previously announced new content for Shoptalk 2020 includes a wide range of new sessions and session types both on and off the agenda.

Shoptalk Original Content. Shoptalk Original Content is being developed in-house by the Shoptalk team to address a critical area where retail industry events consistently fall short: providing attendees with far-reaching industry data, detailed information and tangible insights that enable them to drive change in their organizations.

Delivered onsite by the Shoptalk team and supplementing Shoptalk’s renowned lineup of speakers, Shoptalk Original Content will include both strategic and tactical insights, and will cover an extensive lineup of topics. This new content will be delivered during track sessions and main stage keynotes. As part of this new content, we’re introducing a comprehensive annual report called The Retail Zeitgeist which we believe will serve as the definitive industry guide to the transformation of retail over the next decade.

Entirely New Agenda Formats. Our content in 2020 will also include new ways to be inspired and empowered. Just as retail is becoming more experiential, immersive and entertaining, so too, must events. Some sessions will still use traditional Presentations, Panels or other traditional formats, but many will incorporate one of several new formats including Immersive Visual Experiences, Interactive Audience Sessions, Case Studies and Rapid-Fire Debates.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these sessions and are excited to welcome you to Las Vegas on March 22-25, 2020!