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Retail is undergoing a fundamental transformation. We started the conversation in 2015—before anyone else—and we’ve led the dialogue ever since. That’s helped make Shoptalk the fastest-growing event in retail history: we grew to over 8,000 attendees in less than 36 months. Our attendees consistently tell us that Shoptalk is Retail’s Best Show, and our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is over 50, a score pretty much unheard of in the events industry. We’re especially proud that as we’ve grown, our NPS has increased every year.

Shoptalk 2020 will kick off the next decade of retail innovation. Join the world’s largest community of retail changemakers on March 22-25 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

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Check out 1,300+ photos and some of the extensive media coverage of Shoptalk 2019, including The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times articles.

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Join Retail’s Community Of Changemakers:

Hear And Be Heard

Shoptalk is where 8,000+ retail changemakers come together every year to create the future of retail. For 5 years, we’ve defined the industry’s digital community by bringing established retailers and brands together with direct-to-consumer and tech startups, large tech and Internet companies, venture capital investors, real estate developers, equity analysts, media and others.

Our industry-defining agenda, world-class speaker lineup and unique networking and collaboration programs as well as newly introduced Shoptalk Original Content ensure you’ll get smart about the technologies, trends and business models that continue to transform the sector globally. You’ll learn in both small and large groups as well as through engaging activations and experiences. Our formats—many of which are new for 2020—include groundbreaking sessions, peer roundtables, curated dinners, double opt-in one-to-one meetings, deep dives and case studies (new), immersive visual experiences (new), interactive audience sessions (new), industry frameworks (new) and rapid-fire debates (new).

Collectively, these activities help you and your organization grow, and serve as a catalyst for the retail revolution. Our unequaled Annual Retail Education Certificate helps you secure industry-wide recognition for investing in your professional development as well as in the digital future of retail. Almost 2,000 individuals earned their certificates in 2019.

Core to what makes our events so special is that we’re a vertically integrated technology and original content company. The resulting sessions, programs and experiences ensure that your voice is heard and that you get to hear other important perspectives. We make it easy for you to connect with your peers as well as potential new partners, and engage with diverse audiences.

Join us on March 22-25, 2020 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas for unmatched strategic and tactical takeaways

Who Attends?

Everyone who’s anyone is at Shoptalk. Over 8,000 individuals attend Shoptalk each year from almost 3,000 established retailers and brands, startups, tech companies, investors, real estate operators, media, Wall Street analyst firms and more. They come to learn, collaborate and create the future of retail with four days of highly relevant content, curated meetings, productive networking and facilitated social engagements.

Our attendees consistently describe their Shoptalk experience as
amazing, educational, energizing, exciting, insightful, inspiring, productive and fun.

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Retailers & Brands:

Get Free Tickets & Travel

Thousands of individuals from hundreds of retailers and brands around the world attend Shoptalk every year to improve their knowledge of retail’s latest technologies, trends and business models as well as to collaborate with peers, startups, tech companies, investors, real estate operators and others in an open, friendly environment.

If you’re with a retailer or brand, you may qualify for complimentary Shoptalk tickets plus up to $750 in hotel/travel reimbursement with our Hosted Retailers & Brands Program. The travel/hotel reimbursement is based on receipts submitted following the event. To date, we’ve reimbursed retailers and brands over $3 million in hotel/travel and provided free tickets worth an additional $5 million. To qualify, you must be responsible for buying or evaluating retail or ecommerce technology, and take up to eight 15-minute onsite meetings. Enroll on time and you’ll get to pick the companies you want to meet from over 450 participating sponsors as part of our double opt-in process. You will not need to miss any agenda sessions for these meetings. Our Hosted Program is the largest meetings program in the global retail industry and has an NPS of over 60. Click here to apply now for free tickets and up to $750 in hotel/travel reimbursement. Space is limited and decisions are made on a rolling basis.

Retailers and brands may also qualify for special individual and bulk purchase rate tickets available here.

Direct-To-Consumer & Tech Startups

More than 1,000 direct-to-consumer and tech startups redefining retail attend Shoptalk each year from major global hubs. Shoptalk provides startups with an unparalleled opportunity to form important fundraising, product, distribution and other partnerships with retailers, brands, tech companies, investors, real estate operators, media, analysts and more.

Startups less than two years old that have raised under $2 million at the time of Shoptalk can apply here for a limited number of startup rate tickets and here for discounted exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities.

We also hold an Emerging Technology Spotlight for startups. Spots are limited, so click here to apply now.

Startups can also participate in Funding Founders, a networking program that introduces investors and startups for onsite meetings. To qualify, you must be a registered attendee and apply here. All meetings require investors to opt-in so cannot be guaranteed. In 2019, we made over 1,300 introductions to more than 150 investors for over 200 startups.


VCs, PE, Hedge Funds, Lenders and More

More than 150 venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, lenders and other private and public company investment firms attend Shoptalk each year. There's no better place to find the latest innovations, meet the greatest disrupters and hear perspectives from established leaders to help evaluate investment opportunities.

Investors can also participate in Funding Founders, a networking program that introduces investors and startups for onsite meetings. To qualify, you must be a registered attendee and apply here. In 2019, we made over 1,300 introductions to more than 150 investors for over 200 startups.

Exhibitors & Sponsors:

600 Tech and Other Companies

More than 600 companies exhibit at and sponsor Shoptalk each year. Shoptalk 2020 will be the world’s largest retail conference, offering technology companies and solution providers a uniquely large and exceptionally senior as well as international audience. Our exhibit hall will feature over 250 exhibitors and our Hosted Retailers & Brands Program will curate approximately 10,000 onsite meetings.

Shoptalk presents an unparalleled opportunity to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Engage decision makers
  • Launch new products and services


The Industry’s Leading Lineup

With the industry’s preeminent lineup, Shoptalk’s speakers are industry leaders and innovators from a broad cross-section of companies. Ranging from established retailers and brands to innovative new startups and prolific investors, over half of Shoptalk speakers are CEOs or founders.

Agenda & Original Content:

Knowledge Is Power

Shoptalk covers the latest technologies, trends and business models as well as the rapid transformation of how consumers discover, shop for and buy everything—ranging from apparel and electronics to grocery and luxury. With approximately 100 groundbreaking sessions, Shoptalk’s agenda leads retail’s innovation narrative.

As a retailer or brand, you can also learn from your peers in small roundtable settings by joining Tabletalks group discussions. You also have the opportunity to vastly improve your knowledge of new technologies by joining our Hosted Retailers & Brands Program.

New for 2020, Shoptalk will also feature Shoptalk Original Content, which includes a wide range of 100% independent research, data, frameworks, benchmarking studies and visual guides developed in-house by the Shoptalk team. Shoptalk Original Content covers an extensive lineup of topics highlighted on stage during agenda sessions and off stage through engaging activations and experiences. As part of this new content, Shoptalk is introducing a comprehensive annual report called The Retail Zeitgeist, which will include extensive data and will serve as the definitive industry guide to the transformation of retail over the next decade.

For 2020, we are also adding a brand new track called Tactics & Takeaways: Classroom Sessions. This track is specifically focused on practical, tactical learnings attendees can take back to their companies and put to use. Divided into 20-minute individual sessions, the track will provide detailed case studies, insights and advice on a range of topics.

By participating in our various educational programs, you can qualify for our Annual Retail Education Certificate to distinguish yourself at a time when retail industry professionals are divided in their knowledge of digital innovation.

Editorial Media & Equity Analysts:

Cover Shoptalk Onsite

More than 300 editorial staff from retail, ecommerce, tech, mainstream and other media as well as Wall Street analysts from every major institution attend Shoptalk. They cover more than 200 announcements coordinated with Shoptalk along with ​commentary from hundreds of speakers and one​-​to​-​one interviews. Click here to see past Shoptalk coverage.

Approved editorial media and equity analysts are eligible for a complimentary Shoptalk ticket—note that when approving tickets for media and analysts who have attended previously, we review any publishing history with Shoptalk. Please note that research analyst firms do not qualify for editorial media and equity analyst tickets.

Attending Media Have Included: