Spark Networking Program: FAQ

What is the Spark Networking Program?

The Spark Networking Program is a groundbreaking initiative and an entirely new way for many Shoptalk attendees to connect with each other during the event on March 19-22, 2017 at the Aria in Las Vegas. The Spark Networking Program consists of three primary formats: 1-2-1 Meetings, Peer Dinners and Tech Tours.

We also offer retailers and brands personalized and concierge services to help them make the most of their time at Shoptalk, and tech companies the ability to present new solutions announced at Shoptalk.

How does the Spark Networking Program work?

Our approach is thoughtful and unique. Collaborating with attendees to understand their objectives and priorities, we leverage our extensive industry knowledge and experience to curate and facilitate valuable and relevant in-person meetings and interactions with everyone from new and existing contacts to peer groups. The number of meetings and whom they’re with depends on your particular company, your unique value proposition and your openness to meeting new contacts.

How do I participate in the Spark Networking Program?

You simply provide us with some basic information about your goals and who’s on your wish list, and we’ll see what we can do to match you with relevant contacts and others with whom you’re a good fit. We’ll also endeavour to introduce you to people you never thought to meet but whom you should probably know.

Who can participate in the Spark Networking Program?

Anyone already registered or planning to register to attend Shoptalk can apply to participate in the Spark Networking Program. Space in the program is limited across all formats and we encourage you to apply early. We can’t accommodate everyone and participants are selected based on a number of different criteria, including interest levels from other attendees. Once a program is full, we will start a waitlist.

Still have questions?

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