How We're Building The World's Largest & Most Important Commerce Event

Why I Decided To Join Shoptalk

Sep 6, 2016 by Sucharita Mulpuru

A few weeks ago, I resigned from the job I had for the last 10+ years as an industry analyst at Forrester Research. It was a great run and while I could easily have seen myself at Forrester for years longer, I was ready to try something new. For years, I’ve been talking about the end of the store as we know it. Not the decimation of retail mind you, but a significant upheaval in how products are sourced, discovered and sold in every consumer category. Some of this is due to digital transformation like mobile but much of it is also due to new business models and a brutal competitive environment led by leaders like Walmart and Amazon. Retailers can only survive if they rapidly and creatively innovate or partner with, even acquire new or adjacent businesses.

In less than a year, Shoptalk has created a unique, influential event within retail and commerce to guide new and established merchants and brands toward just that end goal—not just surviving but prospering long term. Already, Shoptalk has defined a new retail ecosystem that has brought together innovative new B2B and B2C startups, their investors and retail leaders looking for ways to stay relevant with existing customers while also growing into new sectors. Last year’s sessions brought over 300 diverse speakers and 3,000+ attendees (unheard of for a first year show!), including many C-level executives from over a thousand brands, together in one place where they’d never all been before.

But the team at Shoptalk knows the opportunity is even bigger. Today, we’re launching a new networking initiative, which I will lead, that we hope makes the event even more valuable for everyone that attends. Our goal is to ensure that attendees expand their networks and meet new people that can help them grow their businesses. We expect Shoptalk to be the four most important, efficient days of the year for everyone who cares about commerce. Getting all the innovators in one place is part of the unique value of Shoptalk, but then brokering introductions and ensuring that people who should meet, do indeed meet, we know will be invaluable. To learn more about our initiatives, click here. We hope to see you in March!