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Sucharita Mulpuru Joins Shoptalk Executive Team to Lead New and Unprecedented Networking Program

Sep 5, 2016 by Anil Aggarwal

We’re thrilled to announce that prominent retail and ecommerce authority, Sucharita Mulpuru, has joined Shoptalk’s executive team as Chief Retail Strategist. Sucharita will lead our groundbreaking new networking initiative, the Shoptalk Networking Program, which we’re excited to launch today and that will be held onsite during Shoptalk.

In 2016, Shoptalk Redefined the Retail and Ecommerce Ecosystem and Established a New Industry Dialogue

We launched Shoptalk in 2015 with unprecedented buzz, and brought together an amazing group of more than 3,100 attendees, including over 1,000 C-level executives, nearly 400 CEOs and in excess of 100 investors and 125 media, at our inaugural 2016 event. Attendance was split almost evenly between established companies and disruptive startups. Shoptalk immediately became one of the largest retail and ecommerce events in the U.S., creating the new community of commerce innovators and forging a much-needed, up-to-date retail and ecommerce dialogue.

In 2017, Shoptalk will Empower the Ecosystem and Catalyze the Dialogue with the Shoptalk Networking Program

Shoptalk has established a unique platform for large retailers and branded manufacturers, venture-backed direct-to-consumer startups, established and emerging tech and Internet companies, investors, tech and trade media, Wall Street analysts and others to come together to learn, collaborate and evolve.

With attendance expected to top 5,000 in 2017, we’re excited to launch the Shoptalk Networking Program, a networking initiative that facilitates onsite interactions and meetings. We’re also thrilled that renowned retail and ecommerce expert, Sucharita Mulpuru, will lead this program.

The Shoptalk Networking Program ensures that the thousands of executives attending Shoptalk get great value by helping them capitalize on the opportunities and manage the challenges of a profoundly changing landscape. The interactions and meetings curated and facilitated by the Shoptalk team as part of the program will help executives with questions about their strategies, technologies, partnerships and consumer propositions, all of which have become increasingly harder to answer.

Through the Shoptalk Networking Program, attendees will have access to over a dozen types of interactions and meetings, including:

  • Retailers and branded manufacturers meeting with:
    • Tech startups to evaluate solutions that have not yet hit mainstream development roadmaps
    • Direct-to-consumer startups to introduce them to disruptive business models and pioneering consumer products
    • Established technology providers and leading Internet companies
  • Peer group meetings for retailers, branded manufacturers and other B2C companies
  • Venture capital firms meeting with startups

Formats will range from short one-to-one meetings and group dinners, to exhibit hall tours, technology demos and co-located group offsites.

The Shoptalk Networking Program serves as an important educational supplement to the formal conference sessions we host, and helps build and solidify the relationships that in-person events are best suited to deliver. Our goal is for the program to be a catalyst for the growth and development of the commerce ecosystem, leading to partnerships that accelerate new consumer propositions.

The Shoptalk Networking Program completes Shoptalk’s industry value proposition—redefining the ecosystem, establishing a new dialogue and empowering the industry with networking:

Shoptalk Networking Program

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